TheRTIn the summer of 2014, the Shulte Report was released.  The report, made policymakers and legislators keenly aware of the mental health crisis in North Dakota.  As well as the associated risks of maintaining the status quo.

Shulte Report 2014

In 2021, Shulte returned and provided an updated report.

Shulte report 2021 update

In 2016, the Mental Health Advocacy Network (MHAN) posed surveys for professionals and consumers in North Dakota.  Here is the survey and the results.

2017 MHAN Survey

Mr. Lewis Bossing – from the Bazelon Center for Mental Health presented the following presentation on April 5, 2017 to members of the ND legislature.

Lewis Bossing-Legal Obligations for ND BH System

The Human Services Research Institute completed a study of the North Dakota Behavioral Health System in 2018. 

HSRI Behavioral Health System Report

The 67th Legislative Session saw the passage of SB2256 which directed a study of the state Developmental Disablity system.  Alvarez and Marsal submitted a report in June 2022.

Alvarez and Marsal DD Study



Mental Health Advocacy Network Podcast Episode 3: An Analysis of the North Dakota Mental Health Crisis Response Sys (Part 2)

by Mental Health Advocacy Network